Friday, November 9, 2012


 Mady and will playing in the ocean.

Huntington Beach (please disregard the pictures of me, i look awful but it had been a long day!)

 Welcome to Disneyland!  We got lucky the weather was great!  The lines were great (other than to get in the gate).  Mady loved the entire trip.  At first she didn't want to get to close to the characters but by the end she was loving them.  She did good on the rides, and LOVED the parade.  Best part of it all she only had 3 meltdowns:) Two over a stuffed animal!
Like I said, not a bit afraid at first.

I do realize my socks look really really dumb but I would rather look dumb than have big blisters!
Waiting in line for her favorite ride the roller coaster.  She had been waiting for this for awhile.

Tea party at Minnie Mouses house.

She just HAD to have her dress on when she saw the Princess float in the parade. While we were waiting for the parade she was dancing in the streets and was the center of attention!  Just where she likes to be.

It was a great trip.  And for those of you that know the WHOLE family it was awesome that all of us got along the whole time with only minor McNeil moments!!  We cant wait to go back or next we have decided is Disney World but she and everyone we travel with will need to be 42":)


 Corn Maze/ Pumpkin Patch

 Carving pumpkins... not my favorite activity, nor Mady's.  She refused to touch the inside of the pumpkin and she liked just drawing on hers with a marker. 
Mady the cow (she really wanted to be a bucking bull but settled for just a cow)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

 Snap shot
 Mady and Duchess, come home you are breaking her heart.
 A day at the zoo.
 Birthday #3 not the best picture.

4th of July, hanging out with her boys:)


So I know I said I would try harder and I really meant it but we have been a tad bit busy.  This spring Mady was my little asst. coach in softball.  She would yell at the girls to catch the ball and stand in the huddle with us.  It was pretty cute, she has a bright pink helmet and mit that she wore.
Mady turned 3!!! I am one of those moms that will hate birthdays, it just means she is growing up:( We had a pretty low key birthday this year, we were right in the middle of moving so I kind of felt bad it was overlooked.  But thanks to pinterest its going to rock next year!
We are into our new house!! And LOVE it!  All the boxes are unpacked and its already decorated.  Mady loves showing everybody her new house.
Some of the Mady's favorite lines lately:
"Dad, your pissin me off."  Must watch language...
"Goodness gracious mom, I am tired of you bossin me today."
" Umm do you think that Duchess will come home today, I really need to play with her." Her poor cat ran away when we moved and she just waiting for her to come home.
 When told at the store we didn't have money for something she said, " Silly mom, I know you have money in yours wallet."
I have got to get better at writing them down.  As you can see she is quite the little sas.  But sometimes when she says it with her little accent its hard not to laugh at her.
She is now just waiting for our Disneyland trip ( not for four more months) and ask every morning if we are going to Disneyland today. And how we are getting there and how we are playing for the tickets and so on. EVERYDAY! But in the meantime she will just hang out in her pool:)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Yup we are here

I know it been forever since I bogged, I would like to say I have a reason but no I don't. I am just lazy with it. That's all I can say.Obviously alot has happened since the last post. Mady is now a very energetic and some time out of control 2 1/2 year old. She loved Christmas and ended up super spoiled, I figured that's what would happen though:) She loves anything and everything that has Minnie Mouse on it. She loves to play with her dolls and do hair. No real news here with Pat and I. We did sell our house and we live in a small rental home until our house will be finished hopefully in May. Or at least that is when I am moving in. This humble little home makes me miss ALOT about our old house, and I am SUPER excited about the new one. For the few of you that follow this blog we are also just finishing up the paper work for our next adoption. We are excited about this and hope that there is someone special out there looking for us. Mady is always asking for a brother or a sister so hopefully it will happen while she still thinks it cool! So if any of you know of someone or heard of something please tell them about us, we have a another blog and it We would appreciate any help:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mady and nanny noodles

Mady and Grandpa

Mady blowing us kisses.

Mady wouldn't touch this kitten she would just
lay on her stomach and giggle at it.

Now this poor thing, clearly she didn't have any
problem touching him.

She also LOVED this rooster, she would bend
down and just talk to it.

Mady's first hair cut, there wasn't much to cut
off but it's finally starting to come in, SLOWLY!

Her first fishing trip, she did much better than
I thought she would.

Mady's favortie summertime activity, swimming.

I should have rotated the last two but my helper
is getting tired and she can't seem to be more
than two feet from me or we have a meltdown so
this is what you get:) 4th of July
Enjoying an otterpop while trying to run under
the horses feet. I don't get it not afraid of horses,
but scared to death of any dog.

I need to do much better at taking pictures, I am
awful at it and at the rate I have been blogging
I will probably update sometime around December:)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Madysen's 1 year pictures

My computer was being dumb so I had to
upload the pictures one by one so this is all
you get. Thanks again Kara I love them:)