Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Pictures

Our newest family picture, I am not sure why
Pat and I are so far away from each other.
I am pretty sure we still love each other.:)

I wish this was bigger. This truly tell the story
of the Olsen's, I am laughing at all the chaos,
some of the kids are crying because the sun is
in there eyes, Chris just got done yelling at Ascha,
and Izzy is in her model like pose. Love it.

Mady LOVES her rice as long as I put a little
apple juice in it to sweeten it up. I think she is
going to have sweet tooth.

Just hanging out on the floor. As you can see
she still really doesn't have hair, and right now
I am okay with that. Then I don't have to do
it. Her eyes are I think officially grey. Not
blue and not brown.

Where did the last month go?

Mady's blessing dress.
This is the best I could come up with, it was cold.
Grandma and Grandpa McNeil

Bailee, Mady, Will and Brylee

So this last month has flown by. I can't believe that its the end of October. Harvest is taking forever and one day I will have my husband back:) Mady is growing like a weed. She can almost sit up by herself, and she is getting really close to crawling. It's bitter sweet but what can you do? The best part of October was be able to have Mady sealed and blessed. It great to know that she is ours forever. We were able to have all of our family at the blessing and it was fun. Sorry Olsen's I had every intention of taking pictures with grandparents and just now realized I didn't get one.