Thursday, May 20, 2010


Mady has yet to figure out a "cute"
smile for the camera.

She loves to climb in, on and out of everything.

Mady LOVES her food. She was waiting for a
bottle and picked up this tomato and started
to eat it like an apple. She never sits still, that
is why she still only weighs 19lbs. She is in the
13% for weight but I promise she is always eating.
Below are some of her latest favorites.

Corn on the cob

Dinner right out of the pot.

Nesquik (sorry forgot to turn)

Moving on to Mady's 1st birthday. She was
spoiled by many. She got 2 birthday parties
so everyone could join in on the fun.

She already enjoys opening presents. She
got the hang of it by the 1st present.

Granny made her a duck cake with marshmallow
frosting. She wasn't feeling good this day so
she didn't dig in like I thought she would.

Her very own princess cake, she didn't eat any
of the cake only the bright blue frosting.
I don't know what I was thinking when I got a
blue cake:)

Opening more presents, and loving
the attention.

The Birthday girl in all her glory!!

She is such a blessing to us. We love
her very much. She is still small for
her age, but very smart. She is
starting to walk and she is
constantly talking. She stills loves
to dance and play hide and seek. She
loves shoes, help fold clothes,
and will give any THING
a kiss. That could be a problem down
the road but for its just SUPER cute.
We love our little bug.