Tuesday, July 10, 2012

 Snap shot
 Mady and Duchess, come home you are breaking her heart.
 A day at the zoo.
 Birthday #3 not the best picture.

4th of July, hanging out with her boys:)


So I know I said I would try harder and I really meant it but we have been a tad bit busy.  This spring Mady was my little asst. coach in softball.  She would yell at the girls to catch the ball and stand in the huddle with us.  It was pretty cute, she has a bright pink helmet and mit that she wore.
Mady turned 3!!! I am one of those moms that will hate birthdays, it just means she is growing up:( We had a pretty low key birthday this year, we were right in the middle of moving so I kind of felt bad it was overlooked.  But thanks to pinterest its going to rock next year!
We are into our new house!! And LOVE it!  All the boxes are unpacked and its already decorated.  Mady loves showing everybody her new house.
Some of the Mady's favorite lines lately:
"Dad, your pissin me off."  Must watch language...
"Goodness gracious mom, I am tired of you bossin me today."
" Umm do you think that Duchess will come home today, I really need to play with her." Her poor cat ran away when we moved and she just waiting for her to come home.
 When told at the store we didn't have money for something she said, " Silly mom, I know you have money in yours wallet."
I have got to get better at writing them down.  As you can see she is quite the little sas.  But sometimes when she says it with her little accent its hard not to laugh at her.
She is now just waiting for our Disneyland trip ( not for four more months) and ask every morning if we are going to Disneyland today. And how we are getting there and how we are playing for the tickets and so on. EVERYDAY! But in the meantime she will just hang out in her pool:)