Monday, August 10, 2009


Updates from the last month....

Mady should probably get used to self portraits
because we seem to take alot of them.:) She
LOVES to be outside and with us this is a great
blessing. Whenever she is fussy I just take her
outside and she calms right down.

I love this picture!! Mady will suck on anything
including her Binky and her fingers at the same
time. I can't decide if I would rather she suck
on her fingers or her Binky. There are pros and
cons to both.

Mady's first trip to the zoo. She slept through
most of it but when she woke up she was happy.
You might be thinking that she is VERY chubby
but I promise it's all in her checks.

I know I say this everytime but
Mady is this best baby in the world.
She is getting a little personality and
I love to watch her grow every day.
She loves her blanket and doesn't
like to let go of it. She is all smiles
when her dad gets home and she loves
for people to talk to her. She is
spoiled rotten and gets everything
that she wants. I realize that we
could be creating a monster but,
I guess we will just deal with that
when it happens. I never thought
that I could love someone as much as
I love her, it's weird. We are hoping
that all of the paper work is final
in a couple of weeks, then we will
be able to seal her to us and she
will be stuck with us forever.