Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where have we been???

For all of you thinking that she is too young to have a little ice cream you are probably right, do you think that will stop me, no. She loves it.
Will was so excited to come to Mady's house and help dad show sheep. When he was out in the ring he said, in a rather loud voice, dad are we in 1st place yet? I was so cute. Then he has this weird obsession with smelling things and he was walking back and forth between lambs saying, "umm mell like lamb". He is so stinking funny.

And for Christmas I will forgo getting him a present and just tie a string around an old Mountain Dew bottle. He will love it.

Mady attended her first of many fairs and loved every minute of it. She cooperated so well it was crazy.
I would love to say that we have been SUPER busy lately and that is why there are no updates but that would probably just be a lie. One night after Mady took a bath I put her in her robe and she sat and watched t.v. until she fell asleep. For any of you that know anything about my dad's nightly routine, you would think that he taught her this habit. I think that's why I love it.

She is just shy of 4 months old and rolls everywhere and when she really wants to she can shimmy her way to things. I don't think it will be very long before she is crawling around.

Pat loves these pictures, during grain harvest we would ride with him and she would just sit and look out the window and he thought that he should start teaching her how to drive the combine so she can get a good start on things.