Friday, November 9, 2012


 Mady and will playing in the ocean.

Huntington Beach (please disregard the pictures of me, i look awful but it had been a long day!)

 Welcome to Disneyland!  We got lucky the weather was great!  The lines were great (other than to get in the gate).  Mady loved the entire trip.  At first she didn't want to get to close to the characters but by the end she was loving them.  She did good on the rides, and LOVED the parade.  Best part of it all she only had 3 meltdowns:) Two over a stuffed animal!
Like I said, not a bit afraid at first.

I do realize my socks look really really dumb but I would rather look dumb than have big blisters!
Waiting in line for her favorite ride the roller coaster.  She had been waiting for this for awhile.

Tea party at Minnie Mouses house.

She just HAD to have her dress on when she saw the Princess float in the parade. While we were waiting for the parade she was dancing in the streets and was the center of attention!  Just where she likes to be.

It was a great trip.  And for those of you that know the WHOLE family it was awesome that all of us got along the whole time with only minor McNeil moments!!  We cant wait to go back or next we have decided is Disney World but she and everyone we travel with will need to be 42":)

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