Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mady and nanny noodles

Mady and Grandpa

Mady blowing us kisses.

Mady wouldn't touch this kitten she would just
lay on her stomach and giggle at it.

Now this poor thing, clearly she didn't have any
problem touching him.

She also LOVED this rooster, she would bend
down and just talk to it.

Mady's first hair cut, there wasn't much to cut
off but it's finally starting to come in, SLOWLY!

Her first fishing trip, she did much better than
I thought she would.

Mady's favortie summertime activity, swimming.

I should have rotated the last two but my helper
is getting tired and she can't seem to be more
than two feet from me or we have a meltdown so
this is what you get:) 4th of July
Enjoying an otterpop while trying to run under
the horses feet. I don't get it not afraid of horses,
but scared to death of any dog.

I need to do much better at taking pictures, I am
awful at it and at the rate I have been blogging
I will probably update sometime around December:)

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  1. She is just too freakin' cute! It was so fun talking to you the other day, it's been WAY to long!