Friday, January 27, 2012

Yup we are here

I know it been forever since I bogged, I would like to say I have a reason but no I don't. I am just lazy with it. That's all I can say.Obviously alot has happened since the last post. Mady is now a very energetic and some time out of control 2 1/2 year old. She loved Christmas and ended up super spoiled, I figured that's what would happen though:) She loves anything and everything that has Minnie Mouse on it. She loves to play with her dolls and do hair. No real news here with Pat and I. We did sell our house and we live in a small rental home until our house will be finished hopefully in May. Or at least that is when I am moving in. This humble little home makes me miss ALOT about our old house, and I am SUPER excited about the new one. For the few of you that follow this blog we are also just finishing up the paper work for our next adoption. We are excited about this and hope that there is someone special out there looking for us. Mady is always asking for a brother or a sister so hopefully it will happen while she still thinks it cool! So if any of you know of someone or heard of something please tell them about us, we have a another blog and it We would appreciate any help:)


  1. Mady is so stinkin cute. I am trying to get better at blogging too. So excited for you guys on doing another adoption!

  2. Well, she certainly is adorable and I think it's alright to be spoiled! We will be sending our thoughts and prayers out for you and Pat as you journey onto another adoption! Keep us posted.